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Private Skating Lessons



Private lessons are available for all ages and levels, ranging from recreational, hockey and competitive skaters. The lessons provide more individualized one-on-one attention where skills can be perfected and new skills can be developed at a faster pace. Skaters progress their skills and become stronger skaters because the coach is able to give them 100% undivided attention and able to tailor the lesson to the individual’s specific needs. 



Skaters must be a member of an skating club in order to skate on most of the sessions. Private or Senior Club membership of a figure skating club allows skaters to skate on any club's freestyle or Moves in the Field sessions.  In order to take a USFS freestyle or Moves in the Field test, a skater must be privately affiliated with a rink. Private memberships are for those skaters who are working towards testing, competing and performing at a higher level than group lessons allow.  *Designated Junior club or Basic skills sessions are available at some rinks without membership 


USFS Membership Applications- Effective July 1-June 30th

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