Off-Ice Conditioning Schedule

Off Ice Strength and Conditioning Classes: 

This is an off-ice strength and conditioning class aimed towards building strong and athletic skaters. This class will specialize in dynamic, functional movements as well as stability exercises to maximize athletic performance on the ice. This class will use every muscle in the skater's body and will aim to compliment the skater's training in a fun group environment. 

Fall 2020

"I have been taking Julie's off ice class ice class for the past six years. The class has helped me gain strength and improve my skating. Julie includes cardio, weights and endurance. Along with these exercises, Julie also works on off ice jumps. This is extremely beneficial because it helps explain what your body should feel like in the air. At the end of every class, she makes sure you do the proper stretches! I have noticed a drastic increase in my skating ever since starting her class. This class helped me gain strength while still having fun!"- Samantha Johnson